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Remuneration Committee Dinners

March 2017 Corporate Governance Reform -  Please click here for a record of the discussion.
November 2016 Corporate evolution from private to AIM to the main market - its effect on remuneration
July 2016 Pay Simplification
January 2016 "Challenges facing remuneration committees"
September 2015 "Remuneration should be linked to performance measures that reflect and encourage sustainable performance".
January 2015 "How to win shareholders' support for remuneration changes". Please click here for notes of the discussion.
October 2014 The main role of directors' remuneration is to pay competitively, not to motivate or incentivise.
June 2014 Providing PE Style Incentives to the Key Management Team in UK listed companies may be the best strategy
January 2014 Attracting long-term shareholders is a key issue in directors' remuneration
September 2013 Is the rem com role possible?
January 2013 Comply now or explain later?
October 2012 Remuneration in the oil & gas sector
January 2012 What percentage should the top team receive?
September 2011 The case for higher pay
January 2011 Risk & reward
September 2010 Setting bonus targets is difficult
February 2010 The focus for incentive plans should be value creation
September 2009 Higher tax rates: Implications for remuneration strategy
January 2009 Remuneration lessons from the Credit Crunch
September 2008 Managers are the Agents of Shareholders
February 2008 Is performance related pay really working?
January 2007 Adding value through Corporate Governance and Remuneration
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MM & K Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
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